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Google Ads Strategy with Kyle Sulerud

Feb 20, 2020

In this episode, Kyle interviews Nik Armenis of Armenis Digital, an agency that primarily focuses on Google Ads for eCommerce. He will answer the questions:

-What makes eCommerce campaigns unique in Google Ads compared to a local business or something else?
-What type of online ad is preferred in Australia?
-Is it better to start with Google Shopping ads for eCommerce products rather than search ads?
-Do shopping campaigns convert better than search ad campaigns for e-commerce?
-What are some criteria to look at in order to determine if a product can do well with Google Ads?
-Is campaign segmentation important when running ads for e-commerce products?
-Should you segment your ads in terms of products? Or in terms of profit margin?
-How has Google Ads changed in the last few years when it comes to e-commerce?
-Is Google trying to emulate a marketplace like Amazon?
-What's the biggest mistake that you see most eCommerce companies make with their Google Ads?
-What are the top three things that you think eCommerce companies should focus on with their Google Ads?

Episode notes and transcript: